Tattoo Care Instructions
Wash your tattoo:
Wash at least twice a day, by hand with a plain anti-bacterial soap.
Do not use body wash, sponges, or wash cloths.
Do not immerse in a tub, hot tub, or swimming pool.

Apply ointment:
Use Bacitracin ointment, or Tattoo Goo.
Apply only a very small amount, and rub it in thoroughly.
You want it to be slightly tacky, not wet.
A wet tattoo will ooze color. A dry tattoo will die off and scab.
Keep it at a happy medium and check it constantly.

Apply lotion:
After 3-4 days, stop using ointment and start using plain lotion.
Use this the same way you would normally apply lotion,
and make sure you use it often enough to keep your tattoo from drying out.
Avoid lotions with perfumes.

Do not pick/scratch/shave:
After a few days, you'll notice your tattoo lifting/flaking.
Be very careful and gentle with it to make sure you don't brush off any flakes.
If scabbing forms, do not pick or irritate it. If it itches, slap it gently.
Avoid shaving until all flaking has been gone for several days.

Get the most out of your artwork:
The better you take care of it, the better a new tattoo will look.
It's normal for some tattoos and some skin types to need a touch-up.
Your skin is the most finicky canvas alive. We offer free touch-ups,
but only if you haven't abused or neglected your tattoo.
We take pride in our work and want to see it turn out as best as it can,
so if you ever have questions about the healing process, please call or stop in!