Piercing Care Instructions

Tongue & Lip:
Use only plain, non-flavored mouthwash. Rinse with it every time you
eat or have anything in your mouth other than bottled water for the first
month. During the second month, ramp your usage down to your normal
routine by 8 weeks.

Piercings with a Captive Bead Ring:
Use only plain, perfume-free, anti-bacterial soap. Only use the bar form,
 or the foaming pump. Never use liquid soap. Soak the piercing and wipe
off any dried fluids or dirt. Apply soap lather and spin the ring entirely
through the piercings for a full minute. Let fresh water run over it and spin
it through for a full 3-5 minutes. Do this at least twice per day.

Barbell and Stud Piercings:
Use the same method as for the rings. but make sure you push the stud
halfway out one end and scrub it, halfway out the other end and continue
this for the time stated above with soap and water.

Get The Best Results Possible:
Keep new piercings out of the sun, as they can scar or turn black. If it
gets dirty, it's ok to wash it more than twice a day. In case of
infection, work a heavy mixture of sea salt water into the piercing after each
cleaning to allow the salt to drawl out the foreign materials.

Healing times:
Most body piercings, 3-4. Tongue, Earlobe, & Microdermals- 2 months.