How long have you done this?

It never fails that I feel old when I answer this question.
I've been doing tattoos since about 1992. I started doing it
because my friends were marring their bodies with homemade tattoos
and I felt that I had to save them. They claimed not to have
the money to go to a professional,
but stabbing each other with sewing needles didn't
seem like the best alternative.
I picked it up and did it for friends for several years
until I got an aprenticeship in 1997with Skin Images in Hanover.
In 2001 I left there and started my own business on Sept 7th of that year.

How Much will my tattoo cost?

This is a difficult, and often impossible question to answer,
yet it's the most asked question I get. The pricing I use is based off of
so many factors, that it's impossible to know unless we dig deaper
into your ideas and desires. A $50 minimum is the absolute lowest cost.
I try to use a sizing chart to help me price your tattoo fairly.
And when it comes to lettering, it's best to allow me to find a
suitable font on the computer and print it out in the size and shape
you like before pricing even a seemingly simple name.
Every tattoo is different, so descriptions like "big", "small", or "simple"
usually don't help, especially over the phone. There are many times
also that you won't know how much it is until you've already paid
a deposit and allowed me to draw a design. Just remember that my
desire is to work with you until you're 100% satisfied that you'll get a
great tattoo and not get jipped for it!

Does it hurt?

Do tattoos hurt? And if so, will it hurt on my (insert body part here).
A very astute question. Yes. Yes it does hurt. And yes,
it will hurt on your (insert body part here). But don't be alarmed!
Most people liken the feeling to a "hot/scratchy" feeling,
or as simply "annoying". It really isn't excruciating unless you
are very very nervous or anxious. Simply, there's nothing to worry about,
it's more annoying than anything else. Certain body areas are a bit more
sensitive than others. A rule of thumb; if you flick, pinch, or snap yourself,
you'll be able to tell if one area is more sensitive than another.
My best advice in this area: Do NOT take the pain into consideration
when picking a location for your tattoo. It will be MORE painful to
look at your tattoo and wish that you would have gotten it where
you really wanted it. Remember, the discomfort is only temporary!